Hiring a wedding coordinator was once a luxury. Today for many couples it is a necessity. Planning a wedding is more complicated than ever, now that most brides and grooms do not meet and marry in the same hometown. Both the bride and groom usually want to be involved with the arrangements but are often preoccupied with work or school. They have high expectations of their weddings, but are novices at organising such big events. Not only can a wedding coordinator handle the time-consuming, stress-inducing details, but she or he can also help make the planning itself an enjoyable experience.
Wedding coordinators provide a variety of services, from the general to the very specific. They can help you determine and stick with a budget, or they can suggest a suitable reception location. They can save you lots of time, especially when you are looking for unique services.
If you or someone you love said yes, let us wedding experts help you create a day as romantic as the day he asked. We will guide you down the aisle, onto the dance floor, and over the threshold with hundreds of ideas for making your wedding day unforgettable. No matter which element of your wedding needs to be organised, we are here to help and offer our know-how. We will ensure that you can enjoy every minute from the first day of planning through to the big day itself. You may wish for us to organise the entire wedding, simply the time consuming, stressful elements or to contact us in case you are looking for the ideal venue, church, band, or........ Upon request we develop your personal wedding budget, oversee your wedding day schedule and many things more. For your family & friends we have plenty gift & entertainment ideas, so please let them know, they can contact us anytime.